Premier Home Builder in Sri Lanka


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No matter where you live now: hassle-free from start to finish.

Who we build for:
Sri-Lankan residents looking for a new/second home.
Expats who want to build a home in Sri Lanka.

10 Reasons to Build a MVIVO Home.

1. Durable
Design based on building science.
2. Zero maintenance
To give you peace of mind.
3. Personalised design
Every MVIVO home is a unique expression of its owner.
4. Everything included and more
From the thermostatic showers to the light sensors.
5. The WOW factor
A minimalist masterpiece with floor to ceiling doors / windows and no visible beams.
6. Low energy bills
Well insulated, temperature controlled buildings with a centralised ventilation system and a split solar water heater standard included.
7. High resale value
Price increase achieved even during construction process.
8. An automated lifestyle
The real comfort lies in living smart and simple.
9. A controlled temperature
The cheapest energy is energy you don’t use.
10. Clean and healthy
We transformed your space for physical and mental wellbeing.

Tour of modern Sri Lankan House